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#204811 - 11/30/98 08:54 PM Image...again
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Let's try this again, you unfocused fanboys. And try to respond to me, not each other. (Or at least acknowledge my point in the post, jeez.)

I'm not advocating concentration camps for fat, slovenly fan boys. And, I am not advocating a new dress code, but rather a modification of the one that's in place.

One of the dress codes that is in place, is that the models who are now a fixture at comic book conventions, are not allowed to walk around naked. If THAT is a standard, which I've seen strictly or loosely enforced, then why can't someone add to that dress code? Restaurants have them. Where's your public outcry against them?

All I'm suggesting is that the con organizers should have enough gumption to pull aside the guy who showed up at one of the cons I attended in sweatpants and a dirty T-shirt (with food stains) and say, "Excuse me, sir, but you have to wear PANTS."

I'm also suggesting that fellow publishers not stink and not look like they just rolled out of bed when they address the public.

Now, you're always going to have a few new guys that balk at all the rules and that's fine with me, because, like I did, they will eventually discover (if they stay in comics long enough) that showing up looking like you just fell out of a clothes dryer, can chase away your potential sales (including the aforementioned models). However, I think everyone needs to be encouraged in SOME WAY to show up in a presentable fashion. I'm not defining "presentable", but a minimum could include:

1) No body odor
2) Minimum exposure of body scabs, sores & pimples
3) No clothes with stains bigger than a pie plate
4) If the models can't show me their underwear, then I don't want to see anyone's

I mean, is it me or am I the only one that doesn't want to see a chainmail bikini on someone that has a bad rash?

As a publisher who shows up on time to meet fans, I don't think I should have to be subjected to smelly fanboys. Especially the one that dumped his stuff on my table to reorganize it and than got mad when I asked him to move along (with his horrible stench).
The con organizer needs to set the tone, but why should he when half the publishers look almost as bad?

Now, the other part of my previous post was about getting high profile comic fans to attract the general public. Then again, even if that happened, would members of the general pubic ever want to come back to a con after smelling the stinky truth?

Your thoughts? (And feel free to reply to my post under Announcements too.)

#204812 - 11/30/98 09:46 PM Re: Image...again
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Let's try this again, you unfocused fanboys. And try to respond to me, not
each other. (Or at least acknowledge my point in the post, jeez.)

Owww..fanboy. There's that nasty little word again.

[Quote] I'm not advocating concentration camps for fat, slovenly fan boys. And, I am
not advocating a new dress code, but rather a modification of the one that's in place.{/quote]

I agree that a lot of the people at the cons are not exactly the people I want in my house or sharing a drink with me at the bar after the con is done....But...these are also people that potentially buy your book.

I myself have that long hair hanging down my back and I keep my goatee almost always. I never dress in clothes that I feel I couldn't walk in front of my parents in though. I never appear with greasy hair or dirty shirts and sweat pants or the ripped blue jeans(I save those for when I wanna play rock band). But I realize that a lot of people do dress like that and they do forego their nightly baths and sometimes their weekly baths. There's nothing I can do to change that though. If they want to discuss my comic with me I'll discuss it with them all the same. Do I wish they'd take a bath and learn to dress? Sure I do.

Ok. Now onto the dress code for publishers. I agree that they should not show up looking all trashed out. But I also realize some people don't have the money or the "want" to spend on fancy or dressy clothes. What can we do about this? Nothing probably. It's all that person's decision and it rests at that. Besides...some fans(not all but I have seen it happen) will stay away from the pros that are all decked out in shirt and tie. It's all a no-win situation.

I'm glad you've posted this Tony and got the discussion started. I like seeing what everyone thinks about this. I understand you are only stating your opinions as well you should. I'm only stating mine as well and don't want anyone to think this is like an attack on anyone be it the other pros or fandom either one.

By the way, Tony...I want to thank you for something as well. My son was with me at Mid-Ohio this weekend. He stopped by your booth and talked to the Fraim Brothers while my parents walked him around. He was very excited because they had talked to him like an adult and paid attention to him. (He's only 7). Now I was with him at a few other booths where they ignored him completely as if he wasn't standing there. Let's see Resaurus Toys would be the stand-out among them. So please extend my thanks to both yourself and the Fraim Bros for actually talking politely to my son. This is what I feel is more of a question than the dress code thingee. The ignoring of the younger kids who will one day be your fan-base.

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#204813 - 12/01/98 02:02 PM Re: Image...again
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Eric hit the nail on the head with treating people, especially kids, like people. I can't begin to count the times that certain "professionals" had less than the time of day to give to me and other fans. Then there are others who go so far beyond that, you almost feel like a friend.

Smell and look of the cons are not going to change, even with rules. Every area of society is just like the comics world. Put a bunch of people together and you will have a legion of the unwashed and unsanitary. Yes, I have come close to puking standing or talking with these FEW, or been stoppe min my tracks when a bunch of "convention attendees" stop to photograph a woman in costume, but I just deal with it and move on.

I'm a rather hygenic person who wears clean pants, shirt, underwear and socks, but I have been known to drink a little too much on a Saturday and be one bedraggled and occassionally hung over "convention attendee" on Sunday. Does this make me unacceptable to attend the show that day?

Let's just all try to get along, smells or not, because we are a shrinking lot. Hold your breath when these people walk by. Hell take some little soaps from the hotel and hand them out to serious offenders if it helps you feel better. There are bigger problems with the industry than those who offend the senses.

#204814 - 12/02/98 03:50 PM Re: Image...again
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Having been to many different types of conventions, markets or dealer exhibitions, I've noticed one similar thing throughout: hygiene isn't always a perogative for the attendees. Why is that? What is it about conventions that people allow themselves to become slovenly and repulsive to those around them? For that matter, what is it about conventions that turn some attendees into sharks, destroying the fun of others?

Now, I never thought that a dress code was needed, especially at a fan-oriented gathering. Sometimes though, I've wondered if there shouldn't be some form of "smell-checker" at the door. I'll never forget those days when the Chicagocon moved to the Rosemont Convention Center and had little air conditioning in the 90 degree heat. Oh, the odoriferous conditions! I don't know. Maybe if we all started treating each other a little bit better, some of the hygiene will begin to assert itself on those who might have foregone it to play video games or somesuch. Complaining is part of the problem, especially when no solutions are offered.

Sir Jon
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#204815 - 12/02/98 06:30 PM Re: Image...again
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I'm not these people's parents. I don't care what they look like, smell like, act like, dress like, comb their hair like. If I were blind and had no sense of smell these people would all be the same to me. The only thing that should matter in the end is what goes on IN the head. Not how it is adorned. That's the great thing about the internet. For all you know I could be a three armed rotting banana smelling pimple faced freak (okay I don't smell like bananas) but my words are what gives you an image of what I must be about. If you spray a pile of crap with perfume it will just be a nice smelling pile of crap. What's the point of that?


#204816 - 12/02/98 07:42 PM Re: Image...again


Your points are well taken, but frankly I doubt the situation will ever change. There's always going to be some flthy, ill-mannered ape waddling around the convention floor smelling exacty like an enormous can of Campbell's tomato soup. No con organizer is going to hire an official sniffer to detect the hygenically-challenged, and no one is about to turn down an admission fee because some lout wore dirty shirt. At a small con, they can't afford to, and at a large one they're too busy trying to get people in the door to worry about keeping someone out.

We as attendees can do our part however to make conventions a more pleasant experience. Dressing up a bit goes a long way towards lending our efforts some credibility. We can refrain from playing music at our booths or using microphones or bullhorns, which would cut down a lot of convention headaches. We can keep our displays tasteful, and vary our pitches so as not to bore those neighbors who have to hear them over and over.

It's also important to watch out for each other. A quick "emergency" interruption from a neighbor can rescue someone from one of those menaces who refuse to take a hint that the conversation is over. When you see a nut who is obviously bothering the guy next to you, interrupt them and apologize to the pest that you have to steal the neighbor from him to discuss some urgent business that simply can't wait. This almost always works.

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#204817 - 12/03/98 05:59 PM Re: Image...again
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I cannot beleive that anyone can seriously think that a dress code or forced showering at the door is going to increase business at comic conventions or help this industry in anyway. The great unwashed masses are a fact of life. They show up not only to science fiction, star trek, Dr. Who, gaming, and comic conventions but also to mystery conventions, book faires, carnivals, shopping malls, movie theaters, parks, schools... umm, just about everywhere.

Although this new global network we got may make it easier to live a decent life in this industry, comics may never be huge again. With the current small marketplace, every smelly dirty disheveled slob who walks in the door is a very valuable thing -- a fan, a customer, maybe both. They are even more valuable, I feel, if others turn them away.

Robert Altomare

#204818 - 12/06/98 01:15 PM Re: Image...again
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LOL yep them great unwashed masses...

I remember being at a Trek convention (yikes did I just admit that?) a while back, and running into an attendee... well, he was bigger than Scotty will ever be, stuffed into a 3-sizes too small NextGen Starfleet uniform (brash enuff to give himself Lt. Cmdr rank), with greasy, shaggy hair, coke-bottle glasses, bad acne, and apparently an aversion to soap and shower water... phew!!

Klingons notwithstanding, you don't see anyone like that on any Federation starship (and the Klingons wash anyway), they're all clean-cut, well-scrubbed young professional types. OK, so his eyesight isn't good, can't bust him on the glasses, and acne is a tough problem, maybe he can't afford the medication, but really, the hair, the smell?? I almost went ahead and pulled rank (my uniform has Captain's rank--even more brash but I've been a fan since '70, and I fit into it just fine) and told him to clean himself up... but then I said to myself, hey Jeff it's only a TV show, let him have his fun. I felt bad for him, tho, that he didn't feel that hygiene would be something that would reflect well on him in his Starfleet uniform, as it seemed to mean so much to him to dress up. Sigh.

OK just a little ramble, a thought off the top of my brain. Don't take me too seriously. [img]/resources/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

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