Not satisfied with being the world's biggest comic convention and
one of the most popular comics sites on the web, is proud to
announce a brace of revolutionary new features to the on-line comics
fest. Now, in addition to the message boards, chat rooms, auctions, art
shows and convention halls bursting with booths featuring some of the
most famous comics creators in the world, fans will find new ways to
have fun, learn about their favorite art form and find the comics they
want at the one-and-only

Beginning Wednesday, December 2, 1998, launches THE
DAILY SPLASH, with regular updates of news, rumors and insight about the
world's most popular art form. "We're taking a different approach to
comics news than most of the other sites on the web", says Rick Veitch,
who with fellow artist Steve Conley founded and who will
serve as the main conduit for the new service. "We're going to expand
beyond the usual fluff about American super heroes and Hollywood movies
and report on all forms of comics culture from a global perspective."
The SPLASH for December 2 provides links to in-depth reports on the
legalization of manga in South Korea, the important role cartoon
character Joe Camel played in the recent litigation leading to the
historic tobacco settlement, the establishment of an on-line bank of
60,000 gag cartoons by THE NEW YORKER, financier Ronald O. Perelman's
problems following the Marvel debacle, a new comic art museum being
built in Europe and more. "The web provides a wonderful new way to
gather and disseminate information on specific subjects. For people
interested in the complete picture of what comics and cartoons really
contribute to daily life all around the world, THE SPLASH will be the
place to find it." says Veitch. "On top of that, Steve Conley's done an
astounding job of integrating the SPLASH to the and CONNECT
SALES DIRECTORY database. This is web site design and construction at
its finest!" THE DAILY SPLASH will provide links to important and
interesting sites on the web, including Veitch's critically acclaimed
dream comic strip, THE DAILY RARE BIT FIENDS, which will post a fresh
page every day. The DAILY SPLASH can be read every day at

Also launching December 2, 1998 is's revolutionary new
way to find and purchase comics on-line: THE CONNECT SALES DIRECTORY.
Its an elegant electronic catalog into which publishers can add their
titles by easily filling out a few fields in a simple form. Readers can
utilize the catalog to find the types of comics they are interested in
by a number of pull-down-menu search methods: name of creator, name of
publisher, title, description, date of publication, genre and more. The
user-friendly catalog listings provide cover graphics, descriptions of
the book and links back to the publishers booth at, where
sample pages can be found as well as information on how to purchase
books, both for readers and retailers. Readers are also encouraged to
post reviews of books which are then displayed on the catalog pages.
"We're hoping to provide a better and more efficient way for the economy
of comic books and graphic novels to flourish", says site designer Steve
"It's no secret that the old Direct Sales Market is languishing with
myriad problems of its own making. We want to develop and expand a new
Connect Sales Market that streamlines the way comics get from the minds
of creators into the hands of the readers who love them. Net commerce
means global sales with fewer middlemen, and we believe all kinds of
comics can thrive in this emerging economy" The CONNECT SALES DIRECTORY
will also provide a RETAILER DIRECTORY of places to buy comics, both in
the real world and on-line, and an automatic publicizing function that
allows publishers to send press releases to all comics news outlets with
a single click. To visit the CONNECT SALES DIRECTORY go to
More signal. Less noise