"Reminds me of early O'Barr and Wagner."
--Kevin Smith, director of Clerks & Chasing Amy.
"Great Stuff!"
--Jonah Weiland, Comic Book Resources
"Fascinating characters, an involving plot, and a clean art style that make an entertaining read."
--Karen Flage, Sequential Tart
"FOUR STARS--Timespell is an extremely well written series."
--Steve Gerding, 4-Color Review

These are some of the reviews and comments TIMESPELL has been receiving from various talents withing the comic industry.

This supernatural thriller from Club 408 Graphics reaches the climax of it's first story arc, with the release of issue #4--
now offered on page 235 of the July Previews from Diamond.

"A message written in blood that dates back thousands of years is the only clue that links Gillespie, Fat Eddie and Steele.
Can McMurphy solve the riddle, or will he die trying?
Plus, the truth behind the mysterious Joshua Steele is revealed, and Harold (The Cradle Robber) Gillespie returns in 'CHILDERMAS'."

This issue wraps the first arc and lays the groundwork for issues #5-8.

Also, at the top of page 236 of July Previews, Club 408 Graphics is offering a signed collector pack of Timespell Director Cut #1, #2 & #3 for $6.

"Buy my boy's book!"--Pa Henn
Cover to Timespell #4