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#206228 - 07/27/99 03:13 PM Gibbon's Decline and Fall of Comics Professionalism
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In the Honesty/Professionalism in Comics Thread Kim Thompson said in regards to post by JM Lofficier:

"Your sarcasm notwithstanding, I don't remember anyone here arguing that (a) professionalism (as measured by the responsiveness of editors to cartoonists) hadn't gone downhill in the '90s or that (b)
fully professional, respectable cartoonists were also being treated like, in the Penguin's word, "number two." Mainly this thread was about arrogant amateurs who are convinced the world owes them a frigging living, a different subject entirely.

A new thread on the matters Jean-Marc brings up, untainted by the likes of Raven, might be interesting..."

Well ask and ye shall receive, Kim.

Anybody who'd like to post on the possible breakdown of professional standards in the comics community please post here...

#206229 - 07/28/99 08:17 PM Re: Gibbon's Decline and Fall of Comics Professionalism
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I've already posted my reply in the other thread.



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