Beginning with the issues shipping in May (March Previews), Comic Shop News will be available in bundles of 50 for $7 in addition to the bundles of 100 for $10 that is currently offered. We've heard from many retailers who say they can't give away 100 copies and this is a chance for them to carry smaller bundles. The reason that a bundle of 50 costs more than half what a bundle of 100 does is that we have a lot of fixed expenses with each bundle and the reason we went to bundles of 100 some time back was that's the most economical and we could keep the price at a dime each.
Even at the 14 each that CSN costs in the smaller bundles is a bargain considering the promotional good the newsletter will do for your shop. Talk to retailers who carry CSN and you'll discover that it really does help sell more comics.
If you haven't carried CSN before (or lately) I hope you'll give it a try. No publication works harder to help promote the industry than CSN.

Ward Batty
Comic Shop News