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#209439 - 08/18/01 07:02 PM long shipping delays how it effects sales
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I always here how if a book is that good delays will not hurt sales of a book. Is there anyone out there that does not get upset with the huge gapes between issues. I can understanda week or 2 late no big deal. But there is some many writters and artist out there right now that seems like they could care less about this. Here is the small list on the regularly late books
Battlechasers, dangergirl, warlands, daredevil "until recently, new x-men, uncanny x-men, fathom, hellspawn, the whole abc line, ministry of space "damn that came out so long ago got to wonder if was a one shot on mini seris". I work in my local shop 3 days a week. On all these books and others like it seems like the owners sales decrease with every issue readers could care less about excuses that companies seem to have give out on a weekly basis. All of these titles are or at one time top 10 sellers. Maybe when comic companies relize that this is causes lose of sales and fix it the industry will be stuck in the exact same trend that it is in either reboot title with endless #1's or other cheap marketing ploys that never seem to hlasting effects. Or start butting out books on a regular basic. if you can only release less than 12 issues every 3 years just annouce it to be a quartly seris that way we all will not get upset if the book takes so long to come out.

#209440 - 08/21/01 12:25 PM Re: long shipping delays how it effects sales
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Delays hardly bother me at all. Palookaville comes out about once a year, Top Ten came out fairly irregularly, but I followed them and bought them.

Each week has so many other offerings of comics to keep up with, such long delays are hardly noticeable to me. I can barely think of any comic that I'd pine for.
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#209441 - 08/22/01 03:20 PM Re: long shipping delays how it effects sales
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I lose faith in every late book and then shapen my pencil and cut those late books, giving another creator/publisher a chance to make a living..

#209442 - 08/22/01 04:18 PM Re: long shipping delays how it effects sales
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I don't mind creators taking the time necessary (is Dave Stevens ever going to revive Rocketeer? [img]/resources/ubb/smile.gif[/img] ), but I do get annoyed when they are over-optimistic in soliciting. I can't recall anything I've dropped because of lateness though.



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