I'm posting this on behalf of John koen of Unreality Labs. John's proposing to put together an anthology of comics and related work on a freely copyable CD. THe idea is to get amateur creators the maximum possible exposure. While this message may be of most interest to creators, I think its also interestign as a different distribution model.

Fact Sheet for the CD ROM Project

1. Type of disk
A Multiplatform CD Rom ( Multi platform to reach the widest audience. Don't want to leave anyone out. ) This will assure maximum distribution. The disk will be ISO9660 standard which will run on all major platforms now in use.

2. Purpose of the Disk

To Showcase amatuer or Fan talent. To show how we as fans would do it given the chance.
To let Fans see what their Peers are up to.
To all of you who have said: "I can do better.", now's your chance.
To provide an alternative means of distributing entertainment.
To lead by example showing a cost -cutting method of publication.
Also if someone in the publishing arena happens to see your
work and hire you I bet it won't break your little Fan boy heart. I know it wouldn't break mine.

3. Standards for submission

Standards will adhere to those of The Comics Code Authority and Movie G Ratings. After all some little kid might get ahold of this disk and I for one don't wish to offend anybody. By keeping it clean we once again ensure maximum distribution.

4. Types of things considered for submission

In a word ANYTHING!!! Cartoons, Origonal Comics , Graphic Novels, Short or Long Stories, Songs, Music, Puzzles, Essays, Critiques and any other thing that might occur to you. I will be the last person to say how one should express themselves other than KEEP IT CLEAN. After all I've got 640 Megs to fill up.

5. How to Submit

In keeping with the Multi Platform concept Pictures should be submitted in Jpeg Format. Comics and Graphic Novels should be as sequentially numbered pics in Jpeg format. Submitting pannels rather than pages aids in creating slide show adventures as scrolling about on one’s screen to read a page detracts from a viewer’s enjoyment.Slide
Viewers will be provided on the disk for all supported formats.

For those who just have to have Hard Copy feel free to print them out using your favorite DTP program. Stories or any other printed materials should be submitted in text format. Text readers for all supported formats will be provided on the disk. Music should be submitted in MP3 or MOD formats. Players for these will also be provided on the disk.

6. Ownership of submitted properties and CD Integrity

Any material submitted for use on the disk will be free for disk use and considered as a limited copyright assignment ( For Disk Use Only) with the original authors retaining all other rights to their materials. The only exceptions to this will be small excerpts used by the media for review of this disk. Credits for authorship of said materials will be placed both with the material and in a special authors section on the disk that also contains such contact information as submitted by the authors who wish to correspond with fans and or possible employers. The CD will have no copy protection on it. Such a thing would be an anathma to my little hacker soul and near impossible to enforce anyway. The only requests as far as CD duplication go are leave all files intact and do not charge more than is needed for duplication and mailing costs. Those who will be getting this disk will know what those charges are likely to be and will undoubtedly rat you out to me if you try to rip them off. They aren't going to pay rip off rates to you when they can get it for cost from me.

7. Contact Information
You may reach me with Contributions ,Questions or for anything else the following ways.

E-Mail ulab1@juno.com or SirGalahad7@webtv.net

Snail Mail John D. Koen
14 Main St. Lot 413
Wellsburg NY 14894

Phone (AT YOUR EXPENSE NO COLLECT CALLS) 607 - 767- 0349 between
the hours of 5 to 10 PM. EST You can also find me on line in either
The CBR chatroom or one of the Superman chat rooms. Hopefully this
will answer most or all of your questions if not please reread section 7.

John D.Koen
The Unreality Lab
Where Imagination is made real