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#209854 - 02/08/02 03:26 PM Got a store? We'll do a signing!
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Hi. Tony D here with The Travelers for Kenzer & Company. My normal publicity tour is a little extra special this year. I'm running an exclusive adventure with the characters from The Travelers in the Hackmaster RPG. If you have D&D players, Hackmaster players or even someone who wants to learn to play, it's a lot of fun.
The deal is this: The fans come up with interesting character backgrounds (or, if they have the books, a cool Hackmaster character). The best ones get choosen to play. I come to the store, do a signing and play the adventure. Fans learn how to play Hackmaster while meeting the characters from The Travelers. At the end, I award tournament points, which get posted on my website and toss the high scorers some prizes.
Throughout the year, I'll be running the adventure. The highest score at the end of the year may have their character appear in an issue of The Travelers.
Alternately, we can just do a signing if you're not big on games and when I say "we", I mean some of the artists from Kenzer. Chris Moreno (penciler for The Travelers), Jay Moreno and James Dunn (the inkers) and Tommy Castillo (fantasy illustrator for Kenzer and many others) are some of the artists I can bring with me, depending on the location of your store and what you want to do. So, if you want to do something fun for your customers, get in touch with me and let's do a signing!

-Tony D

#209855 - 02/27/02 07:26 AM Re: Got a store? We'll do a signing!
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Your comic book product is consistently the best by the way MONTH AFTER MONTH.

Seriously, its companies like yours that are going to save our industry.


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