To all the retailers on this board: John Gallagher of SKY DOG PRESS here, creator and self-publisher of Buzzboy, with a couple questions for retailers.

My new trade paperback Buzzboy collection will be solicited for orders in October for December delivery. And while I've promoted single comics before, I know the changing market, and inherent differences of selling TPB's can affect sales on a new product dsucvh as this.

My question is, what are the best ways to get people in your shop, ordering Buzzboy?

I am currently running promos on the Buzzboy.Com website, linked banners at Comicon.Com, and I am offering Free 22 x 34 posters by Mike Avon Oeming to retailers that contact me with their info. I'm also pushing the already-printed book at shows like San Diego and the Baltimore Comic-Con.

My question again, what am i NOT doing that will help you? I sincerely welcome your comments.
John Gallagher, Sky Dog Press
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