The 1st of 3 DVDs from my Comic Book Documentary series is currently ready to ship.
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There was a very successful screening at Pittsburgh comicon this week.

"Scenes from the Small Press: Mainstream Raw" is the 1st in a series of 3 documentary films on the industry that I have done.

"Mainstream Raw" Features hard hitting interviews with Quesada, Miller, Gibbons, Doran, Wagner, Schreck and more. Plus in the big finale, Frank Miller trashes Wizard Magazine at the Harvey Awards 2001 program!

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The film has gotten HIGH PRAISE and reviews from Cinescape,,, AICN,

Silverbulletcomicbooks and ALL THE RAGE did an interview with me about the film...URL here for a full detailed in depth Q&A on the movie.

You can read the review from Zentertainment here:

You can read the review from Moviepoopshoot here:

Still not satisfied? Here's what CINESCAPE had to say!

"The words “uncut” and “unedited” often carry with them the promise of forbidden pleasures, and while there is no excessive profanity to be found in Rich Henn's new comic book documentary film, SCENES FROM THE SMALL PRESS - MAINSTREAM: RAW (except perhaps for a fewminutes in Grendel creator Matt Wagner's segment) –
there are also a number of welcome surprises in store for any aficionado.

Henn has interviewed some of the
most influential creators in the industry for a series of films that promises to throw back the proverbial curtain and force us to pay attention to the people behind it.

Boasting appearances by Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, DC Senior Editor Bob Schrek, Frank Miller, Colleen Doran, Dave Gibbons,
Carla Speed McNeil, the aforementioned Wagner, and
Henn himself, MAINSTREAM: RAW does indeed offer a raw look at the comic book biz that is at once
enlightening, disturbing – Doran's segment alone lays bare a sad but true dark side of the industry – and inspiring.

Footage from Miller's now legendary
Pittsburgh convention appearance – yes, the Wizard
speech – is worth the price of admission alone despite Miller's overworked histrionics, but the rest of the material is equally entertaining, and in Doran's case, rather sobering as well. Henn is well on his way to providing an essential and eye-opening chronicle of
the living history of comics through the minds and
mouths of the people who have shaped the medium."

– Arnold T. Blumberg, Senior Editor, CINESCAPE

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"Maintream Raw" 15-preview