A Psychodrama Spacefiller
By Bradly E. Peterson

Hey Yah'll!

Now that we've got a new forum, I wanted to let you know (read: Warn you) that I'm starting a new column on the creative process, human nature, and the limitless bounds of space... Let's start the first (hey, if it's the first, why's it numbered 0?) column off with a brief intro (that WAS the intro. deal with it. heh...) and start off by talking a bit about...

Space... The Final Frontier, or just a royal pain in the butt?

"Space? What the hell's that got to do with anything?", you may ask. Or maybe not. Maybe you read minds, but that'd be a whole other column, wouldn't it?

Space has EVERYTHING to do with it. Let's define "Space". What does Webster say?

1. a period of time

In the space of twenty minutes, that sort of thing. This is where things happen, yes? In the space of an hour, people are born and die. In the space of a minute, life-changing decisions are made. In the space of a second, your brain sends thousands of electrical telegrams to your lungs reminding them to breathe, and keeping that damned stone cold heart from packing up and moving away from the whole disgusting mess, because it works hard, and dammit it deserves some time away, but will YOU let it? NOOOO, not YOU ya selfish bastard! You've got deadlines, and dammit, you refuse to let your heart get the better of you, and it had better toe the line or you'll have to take steps, won't you?

But enough about you, back to space.

2. area in, around or between

What separates us from something else. Maybe there's a barrier, but the word doesn't really suggest this. It suggests there isn't a barrier, but only the "space". Maybe there's nothing between you and "IT", what ever "IT" may be. Just space waiting to be filled. My Grampa Joe used to talk about folks who had "space between their ears", and I didn't know until later on, that this, is also a space waiting to be filled.

3. region beyond earth's atmosphere

You'll have to ask Steve Conley about this one, as I haven't the foggiest. After all, that's his job to fill it, right? (Unless of course, it's also YOUR job) Right. let's move on.

4. accomodations

Ah, there's a familiar one. An office space, or a living space or a storage space. This meaning suggests that there is something waiting to be filled. Something that should be there, somehow isn't... It's empty. It's lonesome, and wants to be filled. I've heard folks refer to someone fill "the space in their heart", which makes perfect sense because it works hard, and dammit it deserves... No wait. We covered that in the first one. Sorry bout that. Space between the ears. uh... I think.

So, what's all this to do with the creative process? Like I said... EVERYTHING! But how? Let's try an experiment...

Take out a clean sheet of paper. Set it in front of you. Get a pen, pencil, piece of celery with ketchup on it, marker crayon or WHATEVER... You get the idea.

Now... Look at the paper. Closely. What do you see.


Now, Fill it.

PS: In future columns we'll discuss how to go about filling that space.

(The contents of "The Empty Spaces" do not neccessarily reflect those of, it's managers, members, friends or relatives, and are solely those of Bradly E. Peterson, who is, quite frankly, a bit off. All contents are 1998 Bradly E. Peterson, and should not be used without permission, but ask and ye shall recieve. He's easy, that guy. "The Empty Spaces" is a Psychodrama Press production, and let's just leave it at that. )

Bradly E. Peterson
Psychodrama Press
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"
(Albert Einstein)

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[This message has been edited by Bradly E Peterson (edited 11-23-98).]
Bradly E. Peterson
Psychodrama Press
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"
(Albert Einstein)