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#212624 - 07/16/99 07:37 PM Re: I've forgotten how to draw.
Sean Closson Offline

Registered: 07/16/99
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Loc: Beverly, Massachusetts, USA
For the occasions when I lack the drive or the ability to just sit down and draw my panels out, regardless if I can see what I want in my head, I quickly run to the kitchen, find a meat hammer and proceed to beat myself over the head for about 5 minutes.

If that doesn't work I always go for the acid.

Sean "the bum" Closson
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Sean Closson
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#212625 - 07/28/99 10:40 AM Re: I've forgotten how to draw.
Russ Harper Offline

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Or you could also sniff your india ink. If none of this works, just blot some ink on the board, do a quick Rorschach test, and just add dialogue boxes and word balloons to it, describing the "scene" for everyone else....

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#212626 - 07/31/99 01:46 AM Re: I've forgotten how to draw.
Comicazi Offline
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I know that by now you have probably remembered how to draw, but answering this question just sounded like way too much fun. Unfortunately, I now realize I don't know what to say... um- call a doctor I guess. Sorry. (Man do I feel like an idiot...)

Good luck,

#212627 - 08/13/99 05:41 PM Re: I've forgotten how to draw.
Junior Member

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i must say i'm a little concerned about the
acid references.

any one knows a fat ass blunt will get those
creative juices flowin'.

seriously, do like i do. draw a scene from any
t.v. show, any genre and replace the characters with people you know or comic
characters. nothing too fancy, you know. just
a little something to get that art muscle flexin'. (example: MAD ABOUT SCOTT&JEAN)

#212628 - 08/27/99 07:07 PM Re: I've forgotten how to draw.
Ken Meyer Jr. Offline
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look at some of your own comics, you doofus! Geez, you eisner award winners! (actually, I can't remember if you won, but was really gald you were nominated).

Seriously, if it were me, I would only have two choices...go to bed or drink many more dr. peppers.

#212629 - 09/15/99 02:41 PM Re: I've forgotten how to draw.
The Visitor Offline

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Draw something just for fun on shitty paper--a big piece of bristol is too intimidating.

#212630 - 09/15/99 06:05 PM Re: I've forgotten how to draw.
John Roberson Offline

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Sacrifice a cherished loved one or possession to the ghost of Winsor McCay.

What? That's not what normal people do? Geez, NOW you tell me...

John Roberson
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John Roberson
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