It's that mental block of wanting to be sure about what your doing.
"How perfectly god damm delightfull to always be sure." Charles was the man sedated lifestyles can make you appreciate the outdoors I've found out [img][/img] Or being sick with the flu' puts you in a trance of not wanting anything but sleep and a shower. I can not seem to do someting without having
and inner meaning. What is meaningfull? Maybe it's Something that is important to you? Someone or something you see from observing that is appealing. In comics make a story of this and turn what you once saw into a edited reality. Not wanting superheros
not wanting lofty gay people talking about stupid stuff. Just making a intersting book
using canned ideals you loose some spontaneity.
A Good example is a comedy film is faked around a scrpit. I think the Japanese people are more so masters of Comedy because of what i read about giving ameteurs a chance to be funny on T.V. Leaving the pros behind in place of these guys who thought what they knew what they were doing.
I have a quote from this fine artist from this local paper from a few years back.
"A lot if artists develope prowess at what they do; they become obsessed by it. But these other people who wish them to serve a bigger function", "It was natural for me to ask why do they do it"?


I have two styles so different.
So in other words your Insane?