For the uninitiated, "Choose Your Own Carl" is a sprawling crossword-puzzle-shaped interactive online comic that I've been adding one panel a week to for over two years. There are several beginning panels (at the top and on the left) and several ending panels (at the bottom and on the right). All of the beginning panels are the same (Carl’s mother telling him not to “drink and drive”) and all of the ending panels are the same (Carl’s tombstone). It’s all really, um... kind of stupid and pointless -- but in a really *good* way!

Carl is pure audience participation. Every Sunday since it launched in ‘98 (except for the occasional vacation, deadline, toothache, computer confence, kidney stone, etc...) I've collected that week’s suggestions for the best "next" panel from dozens of readers and selected my favorite to draw. That means we’ve had hundreds writers for this strip and well over a *thousand* writers participating in the suggestion process. Best of all, whether I pick them or not, *all* suggestions are listed on that panel’s suggestion page.

Why am I telling you all this? Because on Sunday February 25th, I’ll be posting the *FINAL PANEL!* That means anyone wanting to suggest Carl’s ultimate demise has until Midnight PST the night before.

Here’s the link:

Stop by and make your suggestion now -- or at the very least, stop by and gawk at our convoluted *train wreck* of a storyline!


--Scott McCloud