Slices hits the six month mark (aka halfway) with this week's story; SUICIDE featuring art by Neal Von Flue and letters by Mal Jones. Because you can only fight so much.

It can be found at;

Also this week stop by the Opi8 Forum ( for yet another Writer Speaks essay featuring semi-amusing commentary by yours truly.

Finally, I'd like to announce that we've recently signed agreements with two comic book sites to syndicate Slices in both Spanish and Portuguese. The sites are (Spanish) and (Portuguese). We feel the themes explored in Slices are ones anyone living anywhere can relate to, and see this as a great opportunity to reach a worldwide audience. The translated stories should start running in 6-8 weeks.

Oh, and given that this is sort of a turning point for the feature, we'd be very interested in hearing what you, the reader, think of the stories so far (what you've liked, what you've hated, what you've liked and hated, etc...), and Slices as a whole. Sometimes it's a bit odd working in a creative bubble so any comments would be welcome.


Andrew Dabb