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#245274 - 04/22/02 03:34 AM "Doodleflak" by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey
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Daniel Merlin Goodbrey has been making increasingly interesting comics at his site for a while now.

His latest, "Doodleflak" is a departure from D.M.G.'s usual semi-photo style, but it's really cool nonetheless, and I encourage everyone to check it out.

(You'll need Flash 5 for this one, but don't worry, this is no animated "webisode", just pure comics from beginning to end.)

#245275 - 04/22/02 10:52 AM Re: "Doodleflak" by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey
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Zooming, scrolling silliness all around. And a Ninja most Fucked in the Head.

Wow. I always like Merlin's stuff, but that was particularly fun. I especially appreciated how elegant and intuitive the navigation was -- DMG's inventiveness has always impressed, but his sense of practical design seems to be improving by leaps and bounds (not that it was ever lacking, mind you).

The one criticism I would raise is the quality of the sound (I did click it on pretty early and left it going while I explored), but that may have been deliberate (either for effect or to conserve bandwidth). All in all, a very cool construct.
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#245276 - 04/22/02 08:34 PM Re: "Doodleflak" by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey
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It's also really funny. For those of you who may be more... practically minded.

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