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#247848 - 09/04/02 02:02 AM hype: Modern Tales announces
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September 4, 2002

Today, Modern Tales -- -- the leading publisher of commercial webcomics, released more information about its forthcoming subscription-based website

The site, edited by acclaimed cartoonist Tom Hart (Hutch Owen, The Sands), will be a premier showcase for so-called "alternative" comics. "If you ask the typical comic book reader, they'll tell you that 'alternative' means no capes and tights, essentially," said Modern Tales publisher Joey Manley. "We're going a bit farther than that, though. The comics on are designed to provoke thought, to challenge assumptions, and exercise the aesthetic sense -- in short, to do everything and anything that the best novelists, the best film-makers, the best poets and painters are able to do and, because of the unique nature of the form, to do some things that those artists, working in those other forms, can't do." editor Tom Hart said, "With, I'm excited to raise the visibility of a lot of great artists, some of whom are preparing larger books and stories for print, while others are pushing the boundaries of web comics as a medium. For the print artists, it's the perfect anthology for troubled times in the comics industry, where distribution is difficult and printing is expensive. For the web-centric artists, it's a classic gallery show: a collection of the finest work happening right now. And for all the artists, it's a chance to ignore any such labels and simply do their best work. Gathering these artists together gives them a place a chance to cross-pollinate, sharing audience and inspiration. Perhaps most importantly, will also give readers and viewers an one-stop way to experience some of the best web cartooning today. "

The line-up, as announced so far, includes:

Trunktown by Tom Hart and Shaenon Garrity
Marking the debut of a new daily strip by graphic novelist Tom Hart and web comics wunderkind Shaenon Garrity (Narbonic).

The Salon by Nick Bertozzi
Xeric, Harvey and Ignatz Winner Nick Bertozzi (Boswash, The Masochists, RubberNecker) dives into his first all-color work, The Salon, about France in the 20s.

Little Laurie Sprinkles and Mister Wenis by Lauren Weinstein and Notes from Vineyland cartoonist Lauren Weinstein offers her strange story of soccer moms and fairy elves.

The Magic Whistle by Sam Henderson
Humor genius Sam Henderson revives his Magic Whistle weekly strip full, chock full of the cat-sitting, and eye-poking that has made him a critical favorite and award nominee time and time again.

Few and Far Between by Joda Thayer
Web comics veteran Joda Thayer brings his long running succesful otherworld, "Few and Far Between" to Serializer.

A Dog and His Elephant by Ethan Persoff
Noted web and print experimenter Ethan Persoff brings his first new web comic in a year and a half after his acclaimed strip, "Teddy".

Barefootz the Web Incarnation by Howard Cruse
Comics veteran Howard Cruse (Stuck Rubber Baby, Wendel) revives his early Barefootz strips, redrawing and re-presenting them especially for the web.

Lunar Cadaver by Jasen Lex
Infinite canvas-er and critical darling Jasen Lex brings his most ambitious work to date to Serializer.

Half Empty by Derek Kirk
This slice-of-life series by phenomenally popular webcartoonist Derek Kirk ( tells the semi-autobiographical story of a young illustration major making his way in the post-collegiate world.

"That's less than half of the material that Tom's got up his sleeve," said Publisher Manley, "and already it's an incredible grouping of many of the best independent, alternative cartoonists working today -- online or offline. Look for more announcements in the next few days, as the contracts roll in."

Modern Tales launched its first webcomics anthology site,, in March of 2002, and has attracted approximately 1200 paying subscribers (and 10,000 - 15,000 non-paying daily readers) in that short period. is part of a larger expansion of the Modern Tales franchise, which includes (an action-adventure genre webcomics site notable for its dearth of superheroes), (online home of James Kochalka's Sketchbook Diaries), (an second life online for cartoonist Lea Hernandez's manga-influenced comic, previously published in print by Image Comics) and (a wild experimental work by leading webcartoonist cayetano garza, jr.) launches in early October. The general public will be able to gain full access to the website for $2.95/month or $29.95/year. Individuals who are already subscribed to Modern Tales' flagship publication -- -- will be able to add to their package for only $1.95/month or $19.95/year.

Readers who care about quality comics are encouraged to reserve a spot on the charter subscription list by providing their email addresses at prior to launch.
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Originally posted by modernfear:

Little Laurie Sprinkles and Mister Wenis by Lauren Weinstein and Notes from Vineyland cartoonist Lauren Weinstein offers her strange story of soccer moms and fairy elves.

Jesus, that sounds way cool.
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