This month's feature on Modern Tales Longplay is an unusual, haunting, and very nifty work; if you subscribe to Modern Tales, or are thinking of finally shelling out three bucks for a month's subscription, do not miss it. Ray Murphy: Detective of Dreams is an interactive Flash-based comic in which the reader navigates a series of circuitous mysteries. The story is a sort of existential, dreamlike detective thriller, which artist Fufu Frauenwahl describes as a "hermetic circular continuum." And it is.

I'd also like to remind cartoonists out there that Modern Tales Longplay is constantly on the lookout for submissions. We run one self-contained longform comic (or, on occasion, "mini-anthologies" of several short works by the same creator) each month. As with other Modern Tales features, creators are paid based on the number of pageviews the comic receives. The pay is usually middling, sometimes unexpectedly good. But usually middling. Past creators featured on Longplay have included Eddie Campbell, Roger Langridge, Scott Mills, Lark Pien, Tatiana Gill, Peter S. Conrad, Dave Roman and John Green, Nick Mullins, Henrik Rehr, and Harvey Pekar.

Interested? Email with a brief pitch and, if possible, a link to sample pages. No attachments, please.