Achewood creator and webcomic genius Chris Onstad recently agreed to allow himself to be interviewed for 4-Color Review...


4CR - I know that you say that you donít have a favorite character, but Ray certainly has become the center of most of the happenings in the Achewood universe. How much of yourself does the reader hear speaking through Ray, either in the strip or in the advice column?

Chris Onstad - I donít think you can surgically extract the writer from the character, no matter how disparate they may be. Iím not like Ray, Iím introverted and on the quiet side, but I know how extroverted people are because Iíve been around them. Itís fun to write someone who never gets depressed and always sees the huge house party at the end of the tunnel. Itís also interesting to write Roast Beef, who is the polar opposite, and Philippe, who is five. How did I think when I was a kid? Well, letís see here. I would like to eat a duck or a hamburger for dinner. Thatís how I thought.


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-- steve gerding

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