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Nov. 14, 1999
Number Ten
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1999 by G. Michael Dobbs
Top of the Page: Review of BOOM DOT BUST
The Firesign Theatre
Rhino Records

A preface for the uninitiated: The Firesign Theatre is the only American comedy group to rival Monty Python in producing multi-layer comedy and satire. Unlike their British colleagues, who concentrated in visual media, The Firesign Theatre have kept alive the traditions of classic radio production with their long list of intricately produced recordings. Although never a "big" comedy act, David Ossman, Phil Proctor, Phil Austin, and Peter Bergman have influenced two generations of listeners with their blend of savage criticism, whimsical word play, and comments of American history and popular culture. They are among the most versatile voice actors in show business and their work has been heard in a variety of animated production, most memorably in an episode of THE TICK in which all four members performed.
Their albums usually fall into two categories: the accessible and the challenging. The accessible work focuses on parody and includes their Nick Danger Third Eye Work and their hilarious Sherlock Holmes pastiche.
BOOM DOT BUST falls into the other group. Publicity materials have included quotes form the group's members that they wanted to produce an album dense with ideas and images and they have succeeded. This isn't a criticism. In the world of recorded comedy, I welcome people who want to do something more than reprise their television routines before a live audience, or string together scatological ditties. It's also refreshing to come across a comedy recording which pushes the boundaries of their media. Many music recordings are not as well produced as the "spoken word" of The Firesign Theatre.
BOOM DOT BUST is a biting attack on the pro-consumer, anti-human attitudes which still haunt this country as it prepares to enter the next century. Author Sinclair Lewis who attacked middle American over 70 years ago with books such as BABBIT and MAIN STREET would be right at home listening to the story of Billville run by the corrupt quartet of Mayor William C. P'nisnose, Dr. Guillermo Inferno, developer W. "Bill" Sprawl and high school coach Bill Swatt.
It's the year 2001 and the corrupt world of Billville is falling apart. The undesirables known as the Elmers are being dislocated from their property and they don't like it. The townspeople are in the street ready to hang the Mayor P'nisnose from a flagpole ( a Billville tradition). The coach is concerned about the mutant athletes he's been using ( his team is the "No-Necks"), and Dr. Inferno notes gloomily that the group is "doomed as he drinks another "Johnny-Cup," a Billville cocktail with special blue vodka.
This a album which demands and deserves repeated listenings. Do yourself and your soul a favor. Pry yourself away from that Adam Sadler and try something that's funny and subversive. GMD
Montreal-based Cine-Groupe and Sony Wonder are producing a 75-minute animated musical titled LION OF OZ AND THE BADGE OF COURAGE. Written by the grandson of original OZ author L. Frank Baum, the film will be shown in the US on the Disney Channel in the fall of 2000.
New Anime Releases
From AnimEigo comes KIMAGURE ORANGE ROAD TV SERIES VOLUME FOUR, the fourth installment of the series. The 100 minute subtitled tape is $34.95, and will be available on Nov. 23
Also hitting the stores on Nov. 23 from AnimEigo will be all four episodes of YOU'RE UNDER ARREST at the price of $29.95. Want more info? Go to
WILDCARDZ will be the first Dual VHS and DVD release from Central Park Media on Dec., 14. The adventure tail is from the directors of NEW CUTEY HONEY and CAT GIRL NUKU NUKU. The VHS version will be dubbed and will retail at $29.99 while the DVD will have a dual language track and retail at $24.99. Head over to for more info.
Next Disney DVD Releases
Out on DVD next from Disney will be THE LION KING II: SIMBA'S PRIDE, PETER PAN, and LADY AND THE TRAMP on Nov. 23. The price for each disc will be $39.99.
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Spring 1997: Issue 37: NOT AVAILABLE Last Dobbs-edited issue...sorry, I only have two copies myself!


Issue One: HERCULES; LITTLE LULU revival; voice actors

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