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Nov. 21, 1999
Number 11
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1999 by G. Michael Dobbs
Top of the Page: Looking for a Partner?
Everyone has an idea for an animated television series these days, or it least that's the impression the new issue of KIDSCREEN gives. The trade magazine is "about reaching children through entertainment," and the October issue details a number of new properties which need a "partner" in order to get onto the small screen.
For instance Orlando-based ITEC Entertainment has two shows which need a partner or two. DESKTOP WARRIORS is one of them, a show described as "about a boy who can't stop himself from daydreaming in school." Sound a little like James Thurber's Walter Mitty, eh?
Well if that doesn't make you reach for your checkbook, how about the proposed G-SHIFTERS from France? The science fiction adventure was designed by Italian comic book artist Liberatore and is produced by Alphanim.
RM-USL, a studio based in Bombay, India, is looking for a partner on ME & MEETOO. The series is about a 10 year-old boy and his 500 year-old vegetarian vampire buddy (!). The two reported travel through time.
Who knows...perhaps any of these will be the next Ninja Turtles! GMD
CARTOON NOIR to Premiere on December 3

CARTOON NOIR the new celebration of the dark side of animation, will have its US theatrical premiere on December 3 at Cinema Village in New York.
CARTOON NOIR is a feature-length compilation of animated short films which explore some of the more challenging themes in animation's expressive range. Presenting works from the top American and European artists of the genre, CARTOON NOIR represents a gathering of some of the most intriguing
non-mainstream independent animation in recent years.
Featured in CARTOON NOIR are "Ape," Julie Zammarchi's darkly comic critique of monogamy, meat eating, and the daily pattern of human brutality; "Altair," Lewis Klahr's collagist elegy on New York nightlife; "Club of the Discarded," Jiri Barta's tale of a family of discarded mannequins who enjoy a quiet life in an abandoned warehouse until a group of hipster mannequins move in and spoil the neighborhood; "Gentle Spirit," Piotr Dumala's Dostoyevsky-inspired story of the psychological landscape between a young lady and an ominous male figure; "Joy Street," Suzan Pitt's story of a woman who journeys from suicidal despair to personal renewal with the help of an unlikely spirit guide; and "The Story of the Cat and the Moon," Pedro Serrazina's mini-classic of the fatalistically unrequited love as a cat ceaselessly seeks the moon.
Amid Amidi's latest edition of ANIMATION BLAST is a treat for John Kricfalusi fans with extensive coverage of the production of the Spumco Yogi Bear shorts. Also featured is an interesting interview with Hanna-Barbera design Gene Hazelton; a report by Jerry Beck on his welcomed resurrection of vintage Screen Gem cartoons; and interview with Jeff Smith on his efforts to bring an animated BONE to the screen. A great meaty 32 page read! If you love animation, send $3.00 to ANIMATION BLAST, PO Box 260491, Encino, CA 91426-0491
Mickey and Donald do THE NUTCRACKER
The December 18th edition of DISNEY'S MICKEY MOUSEWORKS will feature an adaptation of Tchaikovsky's THE NUTCRACKER with Mickey as The title character and Donald Duck as the evil Mouse King. Monty Python's John Cleese provides the narration and the score is an all-guitar rendition of the ballet. Need more info? Go to
New Releases from Central Park Media
RECORD OF LODOSS WAR: THE BLACK KNIGHT and KNIGHTS OF RAMUNE: ENDLESS LEGEND will be both released December 14 in both subtitled and dubbed versions. get more info at
Next Disney DVD releases
Next to come out in time for the holiday shopping season will be THE JUNGLE BOOK and THE LITTLE MERMAID. Both priced at $39.99, neither edition carries many extras, just French and Spanish language tracks. Both discs will be available Dec. 7.
New Standard Crass Commercial Message

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What's available?

Issue 22: Beauty and Beast coverage

Fall 1992 Issue 23: First Dobbs-edited issue; animator Walter Clinton profiled, coverage of Disney's ALADDIN; Yogi Bear; FERNGULLY

Winter 1993 Issue 24: Ray Harryhausen special with interviews by S.R. Bissette and Scott MacQueen; Jere Gulden writes on Pre-Code animation; Bill Plympton interview.

Spring 1993: Issue 25: As featured on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Popeye anniversary special; conclusion of Harryhausen interview.

Issue 26: SOLD OUT

Fall/Winter 1993: Issue 27: BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES coverage; Beavis and Butthead; Restored LOST WORLD reviewed.

Issue 28: SOLD OUT

Summer 1994: Issue 29: Special Walter Lantz interview and profile.

Fall 1994: Issue 30: Horror in Animation; June Foray Interview

Winter 1995: Issue 31: Interview with Gerald Scarfe on PINK FLOYD THE WALL; Don Messick; Stan Lee

Issue 32: SOLD OUT

Issue 33: SOLD OUT

Spring 1996: Issue 34: Jess Harnell; Jackson Beck; Charles Solomon; John R. Dilworth.

Summer 1996: Issue 35: Phil Tippett; Maurice LaMarche; DAVEY AND GOLIATH; and THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER.


Spring 1997: Issue 37: NOT AVAILABLE Last Dobbs-edited issue...sorry, I only have two copies myself!


Issue One: HERCULES; LITTLE LULU revival; voice actors

Issue Two: Bill Plympton interview; Frank Welker; the new JONNY QUEST

Issue Three: SOUTH PARK creators talk to the press; Jerry Beck tell all;

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There is no charge for this newsletter. I'm not selling anything (other than back issues of both magazines), but that's not the point. Ironically, at a time when there is so much activity in the animation industry, it has become more difficult to actually get news and opinion on this fascinating artform and business. Small press magazines and trade journals are having a hard time surviving in the cut-throat world of distribution, and Internet publishing seems to be the way to get out the word without going into debt.
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