I just found this on Corona Coming Attractions:

Chicago, IL- March 24, 2000- Manga Entertainment presents The Castle of Cagliostro, the first film written and directed
by anime pioneer and visionary Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, Laputa:
The Castle in the Sky). Digitally restored for DVD and VHS, fans of all ages can now enjoy this lighthearted adventure
story which Steven Spielberg once called 'one of the greatest adventure movies of all time' (Toons Magazine).

"Loosely based on French novelist Maurice Leblanc's (1864-1941) Arsene Lupin: Gentleman Thief adventure stories; Lupin, an
underworld version of Sherlock Holmes, is famous for swindling goods from the rich all around the world. First introduced in
the late 1960s in a Japanese comic-book by Monkey Punch, the character Lupin III is the fictional grandson of LeBlanc's
famous Lupin character, a modern-day James Bond. Lupin III adventures became some of Japan's most popular stories with
three television series, five movies and numerous made-for-TV movies. The animated movie The Castle of Cagliostro, was the
second movie featuring the Lupin character and was originally made in 1979. In addition, a Sony Playstation game of
'Cagliostro' was released in January 1997 and film footage was used in an early 80s laserdisc-based arcade game called

"In the film, master thief Lupin III, a.k.a. 'The Wolf,' and his right-hand gunman, Jigen, are hot on the trail of a
counterfeiter who swindled them. But when their search leads them to the fictional secluded European country of Cagliostro,
they find far more than they bargained for. Lupin unwittingly attracts the attention of the nation's mysterious monarch when
he tries to help a damsel in distress escape the Count's henchmen and in the process stumbles upon the key to finding the lost
fortune of the Cagliostro clan.

"The DVD features digitally re-mastered visuals and sound in Letterbox format; in English, Japanese and Japanese with
English subtitles; Dolby Digital Stereo; Scene Index; Manga 2000 previews; Manga Fan Club Info; Manga Web Link etc.

"The VHS version is in stereo. 90 minutes."

That one hits the streets on April 25.

[Manga Entertainment.]

They are also releasing a DVD of Perfect Blue soon.

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