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Genesis Repertory in association with Third Eye Publishing presents
Stand Up Comics
A serious discussion on comics and media with
Joe Quesada, Mike Carlin and Axel Alonso
Wednesday, July 11th at 6:30 pm - tickets only 5 dollars
Genesis Repertory at the historic Jan Hus Playhouse
351 East 74th Street at First Avenue

The evening begins at 6:30 p.m. with a collector's marketplace, then a staged reading of Neil Kleid's super hero short "Open Call," followed by the panel discussion and culminating with a performance by Ka-Baam!!, a team of actors who create live improvised comic books.

Genesis Repertory, the premiere arts and entertainment organization of the Upper East Side, in association with Third Eye Publishing, a collective of writers from all parts of continent producing an anthology via the internet presents an evening for all those who have ever loved comic books and the arts.

Mike Carlin, Executive Editor of the legendary DC Comics and Joe Quesada, Editor-in-Chief of the renowned Marvel Comics will be on hand for a panel discussion on two matters - how comic books have been changed by the media as well as a discussion about the early days of comic books and how it resembles the off-off Broadway circuit. Axel Alonso, senior editor at Marvel and editor on the Spiderman titles will be attending, and will comment on the the process of taking a fresh look at Spiderman, injecting new life to a character who although has been around almost 40 years, judging from current spiked sales on the comic and the impending movie, seems to be as fresh as ever. The panel discussion will be moderated by Neil Kleid, the New York founder of the new comic book, Third Eye Anthology.

A table of information from small press publisher Committed Comics will be available showcasing artwork from their soon to be released title, "Threads." The Third Eye anthology will be available as will a small collectors hour where artwork and memorabilia will be sold. At press time, Genesis is still looking for artwork and memorabilia for the collector's hour.

Ka-Baam!! is a team of actors who create superheroes, heroines, and villains based entirely on audience suggestions that are written out on small suggestion slips before the show and chosen at random by the host. Ka-Baam!! doesn't settle for just using the regular band of improv performers, but have in the past brought in comic book creators Heidi McDonald (Vertigo), Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan) and Kevin Maguire (JLA).

Neil Kleid is director of the improv troupe, Straight Jacket Required and the New York based founder of Third Eye Publishing. As well, he is a contracted writer for Committed Comics and has appeared in various Off-Off Broadway productions ( Merchant of Venice, Doctor Faustus, Julius Caesar). He recently directed the premiere of his short play "Creative Therapy" based on a story written for Committed Comics, winning the first GRE Theatre Slam competition. Neil's screenplay, "Caesar", is currently being reviewed for optioning by several production companies.

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