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#256443 - 06/03/02 11:18 PM Downloading Spider-Man
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Below is an article about the increase in people downloading movies on the internet. The article makes it sound like millions of people are doing this, but I'll be damned if I can find anybody doing it. How many people do you know that are doing this sort of thing. Is it just colleges?

Spidey, Clones Trigger Surge In Online Movie Piracy - Study
By Michael Bartlett, Newsbytes

This month's release of "Spider-Man" and "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones," and the availability of those two blockbuster films online, has spurred millions of people to attempt to download pirated versions of these and other movies on the Web.

According to a study released Wednesday by Viant Media and Entertainment, a professional services firm that analyzes digital industries, consumers want to download movies over the Internet, and lawsuits against peer-to-peer (P2P) networks have failed to squelch this demand.

The study, called "The Copyright Crusade II," is a follow-up to Viant's first study of P2P networks, "The Copyright Crusade," released in June 2001.

"Every time there is a significant release of a blockbuster movie, that movie appears online shortly after, or sometimes shortly before its official release date," Andrew Frank, Viant's chief technology officer and author of the study, today told Newsbytes.

According to Frank, the increase in the number of people with broadband access has been a driver in the growth of online movie download activity. Movie files are much larger than easily swapped song files, making downloads over an analog modem a "losing proposition," the study noted.

Some of the best high-speed connections are found at colleges and universities, which Frank said has led to a burgeoning number of people who are used to downloading whatever files they want.

"Each new class of college students that learns how to do this adds a new layer to the audience," he said. "When they graduate, they don't forget how to do it, and they don't stop."

"This climate is producing new file traders," he added.

Viant said a "cam" version of "Spider-Man" - which means someone recorded the image from a movie theater screen onto a digital camcorder - first appeared online on May 2, or one day in advance of the film's May 3 release date.

"Attack of the Clones" made it to the Web even faster, thanks to numerous pre-screenings. Viant said a cam version of the movie first appeared on May 8, more than a week ahead of its May 16 bow.

Swapping of the files for the two movies peaked on May 11, the study said. Viant said it recorded "unprecedented" file trading on all the Internet networks it is able to monitor during the weekend of May 9-12.
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#256444 - 06/03/02 11:34 PM Re: Downloading Spider-Man
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i know some guys who did this. i think its crappy but theyll all see the mvie 5 times anyways so i dont think it matters.

#256445 - 07/12/02 10:43 PM Re: Downloading Spider-Man
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My cousins do it sometimes. I know they have illegaly downloaded Harry Potter over the internet for sure, but I don't know about Spider-Man and Episode 2. More than likely.
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