September 08, 2004
The Anime News Network is reporting that the Cartoon Network will air the Super Milk-chan Show sometime in 2005.

Although episodes from several ADV anime series were run as part of the Cartoon Network's ill-fated Giant Robot week several years ago, this will be the first ADV series on the Cartoon Network -- and it's easy to see why the Cartoon Network wants it, since the subversive tone of the Super Milk-chan series fits right in with satirical intent of much of the Adult Swim programming and all of its between-show commentaries.

The Milk-chan series features a drooling, potty-mouthed five-year-old girl, who along with her companions, a robodog that pees on everything and a drunken slug, make up the least likely team of superheroes ever.

ADV has already released two volumes of the Super Milk-chan anime so far in 2004, with a third set for an October debut.

This series should have considerable appeal to fans of South Park, and a good run on Adult Swim could create considerable interest when the Cartoon Network starts showing episodes. Stay tuned for exact show times when they become available.

Weird eh? This thing sounds like it's going to be a friggin scream.