I have recently acquired a huge modern collection. Thousands of books in great condition looking for a new home. I am selling most of these for a $1 each. Some highlights include:

100s of CrossGen
100s of Veritigo
Several Issues of Grant Morrison's Run on New X-men
A 1 and 1/2 boxes full of X-titles including X-men, Uncanny, Exiles, Runaways, and Wolverine
Popular Marvels including Fantastic Four (Waid), Avengers (Johns), Captain America, Amazing Spiderman (JMS)and Spiderman (McFarlane).
Popular DC including Superman (Seagal), Batman, Dective, Green Lantern, Starman(James Robinson) and Green Arrow (Winnick).
100s of Indy's including Distant Soil, SIP, Cerebus and more.

My eBay id is busterdust, and I have over 100 positive responses. I just don't have the time to list these books right now.

I am also several premium books including Miracleman 1-4,Early Sandman, Ultimates #1,and Ultimate SM and X-men (earliest issues are in the 30s and 40s).

I also have several Jim Lee Batman's that I'm selling for $5.00 each! These are NM books, and a great deal.

Please email me at craigduster@earthlink.net