(c) 1989


Scene opens to Wilson Fisk (The Kingpin of Crime) and Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom, ex monarch of Latervia).
Both exchange beratements of the highest degree. Dr. Doom, calling Kingpin a "Gangster or thug" reaaally ticks Kingpin off.
Kingpin makes note of Dooms exile from his own nation.
Pissing contest ensues and Doom proposes without any form of agreement whatsoever a pact with Kingpin,...To take out the Punisher!
Meanwhile, the punisher following up a tip about possible gun running stages a undercover op to infiltrate, and eliminate the gun dealers, almost becoming extinct in the process, Doom's plot unfolds, and the Punisher bewildered left with no other action responds by hitting Dr. Doom where it hurts.
The Punisher pays a visit to Latervia.

(c) 1989


In 28 Punisher is captured, by Dr. Doom, and led to believe that the Dr. Doom in America is really a malfunctioning Doombot.
Dr. Doom plans to ship out Punisher to attract the attention, and Destroy the Defective bot.
Punisher has other plans.

Written by: Mike Baron, Art by Bill Reinhold, Inks: Mark Farmer, letters Ken Lopez, Colors Gregory Wright, editor Don Daley, Dr. Doom Tom Defalco (hey that's what it says in the credits)

(c) 1990

PUNISHER War Journal # 18

Microchip is in Hawaii in search of his sister and niece, who where kidnapped and ransomed by Hawaiian drug lords.
Turning out to be a trap Punisher undercover, race against time and the sea, to save his friend and his family, and prevent the tragedies, and regrets of his past from coming to the surface.

Written by: Carl Potts, Pencils: Jim Lee, Inks: Al Milgrom, Background Inks: Don Hudson, Letterer: Rick Parker, Colors: Gregory Wright, Editor: Don Delay, Editor in Chief: Tom Defalco

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