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#273382 - 09/24/01 03:09 PM BEST OF THE TCJ "FLUKE" THREAD!
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Here you go:
The "FLUKE" ("Festering Literature and Underground Komix Event") will take place January 15-16 in Athens GA and Atlanta GA, respectively. We're finding an Athens space during the course of the next week but the Atlanta event will take place at Nexus Publishing. The world-famous 40 Watt club in beautiful downtown Athens, GA (barely a hop, skip and a jump down the street from Bizarro-Wuxtry Comics) has not been ruled out as a possible venue for the exposition. Keep your calendars open.

Alongside comix, zines and their creators, there will be small workshops, small films, local music and, yes, booze! Want to exhibit? Email me and get on the list ASAP. There will probably be a small set-up fee, but we need to get the space squared away first.

Before I forget, "FLUKE" is accepting comix submissions for an anthology that will be available at the event!
Work should be a B&W copy and ought to be reproducible to 8 1/2 x 7" and content should be no longer than 4 pages (that's 2 pages, back and front). Submission in no way, shape or form guarantees publication.
send your work by November 15, 2001 to:

c/o t edward bak
p.o. box 301
athens GA

Actually, punkwashing dish-rock zine freaks are more than welcome to attend this event. Also welcome are twat peddlers, xerox artists and scab collectors (separate room).
The name of this thing is "FLUKE" because it is a "FLUKE" that it is even happening and it'll be a "FLUKE" if anyone attends.

Also, "FLUKE" is the name of a recurrent "Jimbo" character and Gary Panter is one of my heroes--so up ya nose widda rubba hose!


Fuck Literature. Underground Komix
Failures, Losers and Unsupervised Kids Entertained

Festival of Largely Unmarketable Kinds of Entertainment

Fairly Literate Urchins Keelhaul the Establishment

AND Robyn Chapman wrote:

"FLUKE can be just for kicks! I think I'd like to go, even if I don't make a dime.
But I don't get one thing. How can this thing be held in two different cities?"

I answered!

Robyn definitely has the right spirit for what we want to promote and how we want this thing to go down. The idea is to have a good time and to exchange ideas and work with some like-minded artists and individuals (and maybe some not-so like-minded artists and individuals) in the interest of exercising our rights to assemble and to freedom of expression, to get some useful information, and maybe, just maybe--if it's understood that it isn't a priority--everybody can make a little money, anyway.

To answer your question, Robyn, about why 2 different cities: Athens is only 65 miles or so outside of Atlanta, but there are so many Athenians who despise Atlanta (and vice versa for various reasons). Practically everyone involved in this endeavor goes to Atlanta as little as possible. But there is a reasonable amount of transplanted Athenians in Atlanta and a number of Atlantan artists who want to participate, so we're doing two different days in two different locations with different events. Plus, that way, people who live out of state who want to attend and visit small town Athens without dealing with the big city can come to the Saturday show.

By the way, if anyone's decision about attending hinges on whether the world-famous pop band REM will be performing under a secret name at this event, I have two words for you:


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#273383 - 09/25/01 01:09 PM Re: BEST OF THE TCJ "FLUKE" THREAD!
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Any chance of Widespread Panic? A Pylon reunion?

#273384 - 09/28/01 10:41 AM Re: BEST OF THE TCJ "FLUKE" THREAD!
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No, but DJ Klon will be showing films and there will be a circus. Some kind of musical event will undoubtedly ensue.
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