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#274915 - 09/29/02 03:32 PM Opinions on Hellboy,The Path & Danger Girl?!?
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I'd like to hear your opinions on Hellboy,
The Path And Dange Girl.Anything you can say would be helpfull

#274916 - 09/29/02 05:22 PM Re: Opinions on Hellboy,The Path & Danger Girl?!?
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Danger Girls is a spy type story with some weird characters. It's ok but it was cut short too early and really isn't worth purchasing.

I don't know about the other ones though.

#274917 - 09/29/02 06:04 PM Re: Opinions on Hellboy,The Path & Danger Girl?!?
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I'm not familiar with THE PATH but I am with the others. From what issues I've read of DANGER GIRL it seems to be fun but its actually kind of shallow. In otherwords nice looking art but not much substance. Sort of like eating popcorn. HELLBOY on the other hand is a gem in both the art and writing departments. HB remains a fun, likeable character and the book is still a good enjoyable read. Unfortunatly Mike Mignola remains one of the most underated writer/artist's around.

#274918 - 10/06/02 12:34 PM Re: Opinions on Hellboy,The Path & Danger Girl?!?
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Originally posted by RANDY:
Mike Mignola remains one of the most underated writer/artist's around.

This is true. While they don't come much more highly rated, his is a talent so awesome and unique that it's a shame that his books aren't in the top 5 every month they come out.

#274919 - 10/17/02 03:01 PM Re: Opinions on Hellboy,The Path & Danger Girl?!?
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I don't think Mike Mignola is really that underrated, guys. It seems like every other artist who is ever interviewed stops to sing the guy's praises. He may not sell 50,000 copies of HELLBOY when it comes out, but that just makes him "overlooked" at best, but definitely not underrated. Very few people say Mignola sucks.

I'd recommend THE PATH. Just read the trade a couple of weekends ago. Great series. Bart Sears' art definitely steals the show. He draws the book at half-size and then blows it up for the inker to finish off. It's beautiful stuff, done in two-page spreads with a great attention being paid to storytelling and structure.

Ron Marz's story is surprisingly good, for those who might remember him best for his lackluster half of MARVEL VS. DC, or for all those members of H.E.A.T. It's the story of a monk whose brother is killed by the gods, and who then finds himself in possession of one of the gods' weapons, and an outcast in his own land.

My full review comes out tomorrow over at CBR. (I think the link is in my .sig...)

I think all three of the books you mention are worth reading, but I'd probably go with THE PATH because there's more of it coming at a regular schedule.

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