A 240-page graphic novel for only $2.95!

"Something to Build Upon," the latest mystery graphic novel by Tim Broderick, is now finished and available only at Moderntales.com.

Sequential Tart rates this story excellent! Thrillingdetective.com calls it a "smart, quirky web comic." Find out for yourself!

For $2.95, you can read the entire story plus all the other great series on Moderntales, which publishes the work of cartoonists well-known
in the print comics industry (Donna Barr, James Kochalka, Gary
Chaloner, Tom Hart, Roger Langridge, Lea Hernandez, etc.) alongide the work of rising stars from the webcomics world (cayetano garza jr., Shaenon K. Garrity, Jonathan Rosenberg, Dorothy Gambrell, etc.). The site has been lauded in Wired and Playboy magazines.

Modern Tales is a fee-based webcomics subscription service, which
launched in March, 2002, and has attracted thousands of paying
subscribers. Subscriptions cost $2.95/month or $29.95/year for the
general public, though substantial discounts are available to those
who have already subscribed to one of Modern Tales' many "sister
sites" (including AdventureStrips.com, James Kochalka's
AmericanElf.com, and the highbrow art comics anthology serializer.net).

Thanks for reading.

Regards, Tim Broderick