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#275797 - 08/16/03 05:48 PM Re: 20 bucks: What should I get?
jack Offline

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Ronan will give you a handjob for 20 bucks.

#275798 - 08/16/03 11:49 PM Re: 20 bucks: What should I get?
Brent Grenier Offline

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I think you should get the first Futurama trade. it's funny stuff.

Read Fortune and Glory? That's good.

Uh...screw it, buy Zippy books.

#275799 - 08/17/03 02:09 PM Re: 20 bucks: What should I get?
Shoegaze99 Offline

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It's been three months, steel ... you mean you haven't spent that $20 yet?
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#275800 - 08/17/03 04:04 PM Re: 20 bucks: What should I get?
Matthewwave Offline

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If you don't want it, I'll take it!!!


#275801 - 08/18/03 12:42 AM Re: 20 bucks: What should I get?
steel: A Long Departed Hero Offline

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I'm still looking for a certain type of GN, but I've since purchased Essential Howard the Duck. It's under my bed. I'll finish it during the next frost, maybe. I want to get the new Human Target or Jack Kirby's Jimmy Olsen, but now that school is starting I should probably just hold onto my cash.

PS I rented Gangs of New York yesterday and it is definitley a DVD that's worth 20 bucks. What a great film! With the pizza and tip it came out to $20. Can't beat getting a great DVD and delicious pizza delivered right to your door! Also saw Barry Martin and Rodney Carrington for 20 bucks last night. That was funny shit!

Hey, where can I get a fish taco?
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#275802 - 08/18/03 06:42 AM Re: 20 bucks: What should I get?
conductor Offline

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Haven't both the "$20=blowjob?" and "oneeyesmiley=another name for dick" jokes already been used somewhere? For shame :p .

Kudos to ya steel! Anytime I have a whole unspent $20 in one place usually means I haven't worn that pair of pants for at least three months and forgot to clean out the pockets.

Ever read Dark Horse's Blade of the Immortal's TPs? "Blood of a Thousand" is the first. The hero has a sort of Wolverine-ish attitude/sense of humor, but about twice the cutting utensils. It's Japanese, but does NOT look like manga. I WISH I could draw like that. The story is in samurai-era Japan, but the translated speech is right out of the mouth of today, which is exactly what the writer/artist was going for.

Not sure about the depression factor. I've only read the first 5 so far & there is a "watching a bizarre farm accident" feel to parts... but all in the best possible taste, of course laugh .

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