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#275990 - 08/16/03 10:31 PM Re: "Terror of Trigon" Titans tpb: Best work George Perez has ever done?
Claude Offline

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Perez never seems to get enough acknowledgement for his work. His Avengers work was great, as was his Teen Titans stuff from the early '80s. One question though: A few years back, he did a story set in outer space about a sort of ultra-Typhoid Mary sort of character who carried a virus that caused people to bleed profusely. Wasn't it called Crimson somethingorother?

It got a nice bit of press,but I only ever saw one issue. What happened to it? Did he abandon it? Did the publisher go under?


#275991 - 08/18/03 02:53 PM Re: "Terror of Trigon" Titans tpb: Best work George Perez has ever done?
Bill Angus Offline

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Chris - my mistake. I was thinking of the original Who's Who covers, which Perez only drew some of, and inked even less.

Claude - that was Crimson Plague. It had, I believe, 2 (or 3, depending on how you choose to count them) issues, published by 2 different companies.

The original #1 was published by Quesada's Event (?) comics, and while there was worked completed for at least a second issue (many pages were available on the company's website), no second issue ever appeared. Unfortunately, I don't remember the circumstances that led this situation.

Later, as part ot the Gorilla Comics line, the title was re-launched with a double-sized (? - well, over-sized, anyway, again, my memory fails me) first issue, containing many (if not all) of the pages originally intended for #2. A second issue followed, but, due to financial difficulties, the Gorilla line was shelved.

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