Ok, ok. Black an white. Artist/writer independent comic. I went for it. I tried it. I have 11 volumes of Strangers in Paradise in softcover format. Some of it is very good. It feels very real world and other parts of it feel very hokey and damn repetitve. Lesbian love drama, criminal syndicate conspiracy, love triangle, criminal syndicate, leasbian love drama, love trianangle.... it just keeps running around in circles. What's worse is that the author admits it in the last couple of volumes that I've read (10 & 11). He apparantly wants to rewrite entire sections of what's gone on before.

I look at the material that is being collected into the Hard Covers and it does appear that certain issues and aspects of stories are being left out. Do the HCs read any better, how heavily edited are they?

Man, I'm thinking about dropping this book... it's all fake endings and it doesn't every seem to go anywhere (this is from a guy who reads Cerebus on a monthy basis!).
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