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Two Savannah College of Art & Design professors get together with a class of their seniors and record their experience running your typical Comics 101 introductory class and voila! you have The Bristol Board Jungle, an amusing introduction to comics cum true graphic novel.

While you learn, along with the students, how to write a script, lay out a page, ink and well, just tell a good story in comics you also follow the students and the professors in their own daily experience, frustrations and ups and downs.

Every manner of typical comics artist/fan is represented in the mix, from Superhero wannabe to indie comics fan to manga/shojo girlie and the mix in the classroom is enough to make all pause and realize many of their pre-conceived notions may need revision.

And, of course, for the professors, who’ve had professional experience in the world of comics, there’s the usual conundrum of students who won’t believe them in their, at times, harsh criticism. Wait ‘til they meet the pros and get their assessment! In one chapter, painter artist Scott Hampton makes a guest appearance and crushes quite a few illusions! It all ends up at a local comics con, of course, where more pros bring heavy doses of reality and the occasional ray of hope...

In all, a fun and awakening introduction in comics to the basics of doing comics as well as being realistic about your expectations in the field...

SCAD has, in fact, one of the leading programs in ‘sequential art’ in the country with over 130 full-time students enrolled and a full faculty for its department. Bob Pendarvis is one of the founders of this program and, until recently, Mark Kneece was department head.

6x9, 144pp., B&W, trade pb., $11.95, ISBN 1-56163-379-8,

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