Abrams Books :


by Pascal Croci
In this gripping graphic novel, artist Pascal Croci tells the horrifying story of the World War II concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Using the fictional story of a couple, Kazik and Cessia, who lose a daughter at the camp and barely survive themselves, Croci depicts the horror and brutality of the holocaust in grim, searing, black-and-white illustrations. Based on extensive interviews, Croci conducted with concentration camp survivors, this book tells its story with the immediacy and disturbing reality of actual historic events.
SC, 9x12, 88pg, b&w $16.95


by Francois Riviere & Serge Micheli
This imaginative graphic novel presents a fictionalized history of the Jules Verne's experiences writing the legendary 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Through encounters with such characters as an orphaned boy with a mysterious package, an Indian princess on an obsessive search, and an eccentric artist of fantastical creations, Verne discovers and immortalizes the most compelling character of his writing career: Captain Nemo. Weaving together details of Verne's own life with events aboard the famous Nautilis, Francois Riviere and Serge Micheli tell a powerful and cryptic tale of art, science, and passion.
SC, 9x12, 88pg, FC $16.95



by Ange & Varanda
When their family is killed for no apparent reason, teenaged Kevin and Lauren, the only two survivors of the brutal massacre, find themselves trapped in an unending nightmare-hounded, betrayed, on the run for their very lives, and in search of the truth. What they discover is that they are the central characters in an incredible, lethal international affair that involves the FBI, the Mossad, and neo-Nazis. How they survive is a question impossible to answer.
SC, 9x12, 144pg, b&w $14.95

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