From the minds of Lewis Trondheim and Johann Sfar, both star alumni of the remarkable French publishing phenom L’Association, and part of the exciting ‘new generation’ in France, this series is both fun to read with suspense and adventure but also a wry spoof of the Heroic Fantasy and Horror genres. Sfar is about to have his remarkable The Rabbi’s Cat published by Pantheon early next year. He himself describes the Dungeon world as "Conan the Barbarian meets The Muppet Show. The only real hero is the Dungeon itself that works under very complicated rules. It’s a parody of Heroic Fantasy filled with absurdity and yet very coherent, as well built as the Lord of the Rings, no less!"

And the building seems to grow at a geometric rate about even with the rate of its popularity in an ever widening circle of countries! From one set of books launched just four years ago, Dungeon has expanded with offshoots involving other artists more than willing to jump in. Even Dave Cooper is working on a story in one offshoot called "Dungeon Monsters" which concentrates on single stories about one particular character in this world. Other offshoots include books relating the rise of Dungeon and its demise.

These graphic novels will, at first, concentrate on the main set of books called "Zenith" which occur at the height of Dungeon’s power. Run with an iron hand by the Dungeon Keeper, a wily bird, Dungeon attracts an enormous number of adventurers who hope to find in it glory and fortune... all to be joyfully massacred by the monsters, trolls and goblins which reside within its walls. This chummy group then gets together at the cafeteria to exchange notes on arms, massacres and social behavior. In this happy time, Herbert the Timorous, a duck of aristocratic background but of little class, shows up only to be quickly assigned to a mission he is not in the least qualified for: to defend Dungeon against attack by an armada of soul-thirsty betentacled ghouls! To this end, he is given the Sword of Destiny which promptly refuses to provide any help until he can perform 3 extraordinary deeds with his bare hands. Not useful when facing fire and brimstone! He is also, thank goodness, provided a companion, Marvin the Dragon, a blood thirsty uh... vegetarian warrior who generally keeps him out of (too much) trouble. Thus must Herbert prove his bravura (and immorality) to attain the true status of invincible killer! How does he manage to penetrate the castle of the soul eaters? Through clever subterfuge, of course! You see, at a meeting of their finest minds which he happened to overhear, they determine they do have a weakness in... interior decorating. Those dusty skeletons need a skull-lift. Herbert and Marvin pose craftily as experts in the matter.

This series will have new titles come out every 6 months. Each book contains 2 full stories.

6 ½ x 9, 96pp., full color trade pb., $14.95 ISBN 1-56163-401-8