After Japan, atangan (YELLOW JAR) turns to china:

The silk tapestry

After a smash first launch with his "Yellow Jar" which featured Japanese tales and sold out its first printing in 10 days besides garnering 2 Eisner nominations and selling immediately into 3 languages in Europe, young phenom Patrick Atangan is back, this time with Chinese tales, as he points the series into adapting tales from all over Asia. The series also now takes on a name: "Songs of Our Ancestors" of which this is the second volume.

This collection presents three tales all with a unifying theme: the passion to create and in so doing, change the world. From the title story featuring an old lady who is given a way to weave a magical tapestry that can make a wish come true, to a chubby boy whose brush can bring anything he draws to life to the creation myth of Pan Gu, this book is all about creation and the dreams that spur it.

As for "The Yellow Jar" which used the classic Japanese ukiyo-e graphic style with striking effect in comics, Atangan stretches his palette to include classic elements of Chinese art, especially in "Sausage Boy and His Magic Brush."

Already, "The Yellow Jar" is part of a textbook for educators on using comics for instruction. It was also nominated as one of the best books for young adults at the New York Public Library and made a part of that prestigious collection. But, as good as they can be for kids, these books are enjoyable for all ages.

And even as we speak, Atangan is busy on the next volume of these Songs of Our Ancestors: tales from India, drawn in an immediately recognizable classic Indian art style. This should come out in about a year.

8x6, 48pp., full color hardcover, $12.95, ISBN 1-56163-403-4