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#276835 - 11/06/04 07:17 PM Crypto Zoo
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This book is wonderful. I had the issues, but bought it for the color story from Heavy Metal, which was worth the price of admission alone. Alan Moore has a cameo, for all you completists (like, err, me).

For the uninitiated, this is the third collection of Rick Veitch's dream comic RAREBIT FIENDS. he illustrates dreams, basically,and they're compellingly strange and...dreamy. It's easy to recognize the odd rhythm of my own dreams when reading the books. In fact, reading Veitch's dream comics feels like sliding into that REM state. it's a hard thing to describe. This is one of the most unique books ever, I'd wager, and I've read a fair amount of off-the-beaten path material.

Not everybody's cup of tea, but if you like non-superhero or indy/alternative stuff (or Jung, or Lynch), check it out.

Prior volumes not a deterrent to understanding this one! wink

#276836 - 12/08/04 06:19 AM Re: Crypto Zoo
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This is an awesome volume, and worth picking up!

#276837 - 12/08/04 07:14 AM Re: Crypto Zoo
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I can't wait till Christmas! Did you know that if you sleep with a Rare Bit Fiend under your pillow on Christmas Eve all that you can follow Santa in your dreams (flying along side him) as he delivers graphic novels to all the good girls and boys?

And so a new holiday tradition begins...
"It's Like trying to get along [with] the Dino Bots while your Optimus Prime." ~The Last Starfighter


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