PAPERCUTZ PRESENTS IN NOVEMBER, as being solicited in comics shops now:

ZORRO Graphic Novel #2
Don McGregor, writer
Sidney Lima, artist
Zorro and Eulalia Bandini, the woman he’s striving to keep from the deadly clutches of Capitan Monasterio, are buried alive when they plunge into an icy chasm that threatens to become their glacial coffin! Elsewhere, near the Yellowstone River, a young couple, Malena Fellini and Burt Douglas, are also on the run from Dennis Scorched, Malena's ex-lover. He wants Malena back at any cost. Zorro and Eulalia try to aid Malena and Burt, and wind up together on a perilous white-water river rafting chase, which unfortunately only leads to the waterfalls and a life-threatening plunge! And somehow, between being buried alive and drowning, Eulalia attempts to unmask Zorro!
5x7 1/2, 96pp., full color paperback: $7.95, ISBN 1-59707-018-1
And in collector’s hardcover: $12.95, ISBN 1-59707-019-X

ZORRO comic book #7
"Vultures", part 1 of 3
Don McGregor, writer
Sidney Lima, artist
In the magnificent Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Zorro spies a still-living man staked out far below, dying, as vultures descend upon him. The Fox responds as only the Fox can and leaps into the air, plummeting from great heights, into the midst of the flying death-dealers! The victim is Dick Gould, who has learned of a nefarious plot involving his longtime friend, Normandie Caniff! But what Zorro doesn't know, as he carves his legendary "Z" into the sides of the vultures, is that he is being watched by the Jailman, a predator who loves to talk with himself more than anybody else, even while making sure no one can fight back against the vultures threatening to devour them!
monthly full color comic book, 32pp., $2.95