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#277692 - 11/25/98 10:15 AM California Unemployment
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Its True! Yes folks you can slave away for DC, Marvel or any other place doing work for hire. Of course they won't provide you with employee benefits cause they don't owe you diddley squat as an actual DC editor told me. But you can if you live in California at least collect unemployment when they dump you because you didn't mow your editor's lawn in the right places. Other free lancers in other states should check into this!

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#277693 - 11/25/98 12:05 PM Re: California Unemployment
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Are you talking about the same California I live in, where Gov. Pete Wilson(soon to be a nightmarish memory; thanks be to Ganesh...whew!) has virtually destroyed all unemployment benefits and the BOE attempted(& ultimately failed, hee hee), through Paul Mavrides, to bankrupt all California cartoonists through back sales taxes? Because if anything, other states are the only places these days you CAN feasibly be a freelancer. Assuming drawing comics is anything close to a feasible career these days, which personal gripes which I shan't moan about makes me DOUBT. All right, all right, I'll skulk away now. Grip, moan, bitch, complain, razzafrazzin'...
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