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#277926 - 12/22/98 09:41 AM Re: Bad News for free speech
cindy Offline
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As to this whole mess about Clinton.

I have always voted democrat. I voted for Clinton. And I still think he should resign.

I don't care at all about the sex.I am happy for him. But,our system is based on "telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" while in a court of law. Clinton disregarded this foundation of our judicial system. Even if he was railroaded by Republicans, it still wrong, really wrong.

If Clinton believed thier was a right wing plot to bring him down...why did he blatently commit a felony?

If any other public official, judge, lawyer, teacher would be suspect of this kind of felony crime, they would have been put on leave without pay during investigation and the hearings. Then would have suffered the consequences of court and the law. Just because this Clinton is a charming and charismatic man and our economy is excellent should we let him be above the law?

I don't really know.

But, I am sticking by "all men are created equal" even if I am not sure if it is true.

Sorry to burden you with more Clinton stuff.
Have a happy holiday.


#277927 - 12/22/98 10:36 AM Re: Bad News for free speech
Eric L Kent Offline

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Cindy typed: But, I am sticking by "all men are created equal" even if I am not sure if it is

Sorry to burden you with more Clinton stuff.
Have a happy holiday.

Now that is a smart lady! [img]/resources/ubb/wink.gif[/img]

Happy Holidays yourself Cindy!

Eric L. Kent
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#277928 - 12/22/98 12:00 PM Re: Bad News for free speech
dltallan Offline
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A) Shouldn't this really be in the "Gutters" section?

C) Does anyone really believe that a person who is unwilling to lie has *any chance whatsoever* of making their way through the political party system to the point where they could be elected to office?

Let's get serious here. There's a whole heap of politicking one has to go through to be a Democrat or Republican candidate for the Presidency. Anyone who has major scruples about lying stands no chance of making it through all of that politics.

I doubt very much there has been a president since Washington who "cannot tell a lie" (and I doubt Washington was unable, too).

C) I was under the impression that the Constitution specifically doesn't say that all crimes are impeachable, only the "high" ones. The framers of the Constitution didn't have to put that "high" word in there.

It seems to me that they were trying to make a distinction between major and minor crimes and declaring that only major crimes were impeachable. (I'm willing to hear other theories as to why they would add the word.) If lying about an affair is a major crime, what's a minor crime?

YMMV, of course.
David Tallan
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#277929 - 12/22/98 01:42 PM Re: Bad News for free speech
Tim Gagne Offline

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The Clinton "scandal" has shown the country just how "bipartisan" our elected officials are. Everybody is wrong on this issue. The fact that Linda tripp backstabbed Lewinsky who got soiled by Clinton who lied about Jones... Our government and nation is an embarassment in the international community.

All of this opens up the road for an independent candidate (Jesse "the brain" Ventura ring a bell?) to march in and take the country by storm. Hell, Jerry Springer was a mayor...

Maybe if we all just stuck to comics.

And as far as Gore affecting free speech, we still have Larry Flynt on our side. Of course giving to the CBLDF is still a good idea.

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