Yes, I'm fashionably late to the Mid-Ohio con debacle, but I'd like to make a suggestion. or two.

Give the Small Press Area a table on the main floor, in good location. This table would explicitly direct people to the small press area while having a copy of all or most of the small press books. The table could even be manned on a rotating basis by the various Small Press people.

Who pays for the table? Charge the small press folks an extra $5-$10 bucks and have that cash go to the main floor table.

Or you could intergrate the small press area with the main area. But that's probably too radical of a thought.

For the record, I was Mid-Ohio and it was my first Major Convention (only been to the previous two SPX's) and this debate is screamingly funny considering that the entire convention was ghettoized thing for mainstream fanboys.