Hey everyone!
Well the new year is off to a fast start here, I hope you all are well. I'm posting this message to let you know the Mike Manley Original Art Gallery is up on line
at: http://www.actionplanet.com/front/origional-art.html

Now I will be selling my art on-line directly to the people! Screw those slimy, shady art dealer types, I never want to deal with their
kind again. And now you won't have to either, you can get my art directly from me.

Bret Blevins is also going to sell his art and take commissions via the Action Planet site. The link to his page is
here: http://www.actionplanet.com/front/origional-art-10.html

I will be posting original art pages from Bret later this week.

Stop by and take a peek at the stuff, even if you don't want to buy
anything, or drop me an e-mail to say, "hello."

Mike Manley

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