Although the COMICON.com Splash and the good folks at Sequential Tart magazine were kind enough to point it out in their post, I thought it'd be worth repeating.

I've launched a new, full-color daily comic strip featuring characters from my indy comic book series Astounding Space Thrills. Every weekday, a new episode of Astounding Space Thrills: The Daily Adventures featuring robots, rayguns, underwater kingdoms and cliffhanger endings is available:
-- at http://www.astoundingspacethrills.com/daily
-- via e-mail. Visit the site to subscribe
-- on your own web site. The site has code that you can copy and paste into your HTML to add the strip to your web page. The strip is automatically updated, so you can sit back and watch your web page traffic line-up [img]/resources/ubb/smile.gif[/img] Already 15 web sites have added AST to their pages.

And it's all FREE! It's a web thing.

Issue 3 of Astounding Space Thrills the comic (with the Drew Struzan cover) is somewhere between the printing press and the retailers right now. It'll be in stores soon!

Issue 4 if set for May and boasts a beautiful Kelly Freas cover.

I hope you follks take a minute to stop by, maybe subscribe to the daily e-mail and maybe tell a friend.



Steve Conley
Storyteller, Astounding Space Thrills
Co-creator, COMICON.com - http://www.comicon.com