Howdy, folks --

If you are in any way interested in what went down behind the scenes with the whole Kitchen Sink affair, you HAVE to get your hands on the new issue of VMag (April 1999 issue).

"A Simple Plan: The Rise and Fall of Kitchen Sink Press" by David Biederman is essential reading. A concise overview of the whole affair, focusing on KSP's move to Northampton, MA (where VMag is published, hence the local interest that yielded the article), Denis' entanglements with Eastman, the subsequent events, and what exactly led to the demise of KSP as we once knew it and Denis' current non-status at the company bearing his name.

Fine piece of journalism, all in all, free of the baggage a comics-related journalist would have brought to the affair -- very level-headed analysis of how a business hit the skids, and WHY.

I've posted all the relevant info about VMag on the SpiderBaby table for months now -- scroll down to the end of the SPIDERBABY NEWS section for details on mail order, or drop an e-mail to Steve Murphy at VMag at:

Tell him Bissette sent you.

By hook or by crook, though, READ THIS ARTICLE.