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#279460 - 04/09/99 04:50 AM Lieber@ Wondercon in Oakland 4/16-18

Time to kick off the 99 convention season off right. Wondercon - Friday through Sunday, April 16-18, 1999. I love this convention. It's big and impressive but somehow manages to stay friendly.

I'll be in artists alley, sitting behind a big, freshly printed pile of the WHITEOUT trade paperback, signing and shilling and sketching and schmoozing and doing all the rest of my usual convention business. Mention that you saw this message and get a free quick doodle of Carrie Stetko, or Hawkman or Conan or any other character I've drawn- time permitting. Similarly, aspiring cartoonists should feel free to ask for a portfolio critique, but now that I've finally worked on a comic that people actually like, I've been busier than usual at conventions, and might ask you to try me later, when things have slowed down.

Dates and Times:
Friday - Noon through 7 PM
Saturday - 10 AM through 7 PM
Sunday - 11 AM through 6 PM

Location: Oakland Convention Center/Oakland Marriott at City Center
1001 Broadway at 10th Street in Oakland, CA

The guests will include: Mike & Laura Allred ,Alex Amado, Brent Anderson, Dan Brereton, Mark Bode, Kurt Busiek, Joe Casey, Jeremy Cox, Dan DeCarlo, Paul Dini, Kieron Dwyer, Kevin Eastman, Garth Ennis, George Gladir, Phoebe Gloeckner, Al Gordon, Devin Grayson, Fred Guardineer, Russ Heath, Matt Hawkins, Brian Holguin, Jeph Loeb, David Mack, Jim Mahfood, Mike Mignola, Sheldon Moldoff, Jim Mooney ,Bill Morrison, Irv Novick, Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti, Darick Robertson, Jimmie Robinson, John Romita Jr.,John Romita Sr., Greg Rucka, Tim Sale, Julie Schwartz, Jim Silke ,Kevin Smith, Dave Stevens, Bill Stout ,Bruce Timm, Adrian Tomine, Matt Wagner, Mark Waid, Bernie Wrightson, Larry Young


Not everyone will be there all three days. Check the website for more info.

There's also going to be some "media" people: Phil Brown - Uncle Owen from Star Wars, Gerar Christopher - Actor, TV's Superboy, Richard Hatch - Actor, Battlestar Galactica, Phil Lamarr - Actor, MadTV, Scott Moesier - Producer/Actor in Clerks, Chasing Amy, and the upcoming Dogma, Jack Stauffer - Actor, "BoJay" from Battlestar Galactica, Julie Strain - Model and Scream Queen.

(I sat next to a media star at another convention not long ago, and the guy would hit on just about every woman under the age of forty who approached his table. "Did you come here with your boyfriend?" "Can you ditch him?" They generally fled, appalled.)

I'll be on a couple of panels at the show:

Saturday 4-5 PM There's an Oni Press panel feauturing Jim Mahfood, Scott Morse, Dan Brereton, Mike Allred, me, Greg Rucka, Jamie S. Rich, and Joe Nozemack. It'll be wise-ass central. Comics' greatest circle jerk. Come feel the love.

Sunday 3-4 PM Fantasy or Reality: the Art of Making Choices
The hype says "Being an artist is all about making choices. There are smaller choices: should I put the line here, or there? More shadows, or more open space? - and there are larger choices: do I want to develop a realistic style, or a more impressionistic one? This discussion features Steve Lieber, Aaron Lopresti, Eric Shanower, Jim Silke, Dave Stevens and Bernie Wrightson"

I'm going to have a tough time on this panel. Normally, I could fill an hour on my own talking about storytelling as a series of choices. I've always approached my craft as a series of selections from an enormous palate of options. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to choose here between the unmitigated pleasure of hearing myself blather and the far more sensible option of shutting up and learning from my betters. Come and find out whether I opt to be a wimp or a blowhard.

Wondercon will host the Harvey Awards banquet, which ought to be a lot of fun. Phl Lamarr of Mad TV will be the MC.

If anyone participates in any non-comics newsgroups where the above info would be appropriate, cut my personal stuff out of the message and repost it. The Wondercon people put on a hell of a show.

Steve Lieber, telling himself that he's sick this week so the he can enjoy rude health at the show.

My web page:
Preview of WHITEOUT #1 at
WHITEOUT tpb ships in May. A sequel is coming later this year.

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Good luck Steve, I hope the con goes well for you.

Marcel Guldemond
Aporia Press
Marcel Guldemond
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#279462 - 04/10/99 05:00 PM Re: Lieber@ Wondercon in Oakland 4/16-18

Joe Field, one of the con-organizers, informs me that:

"Saturday, April 17, from approximately 2:30-5:00pm, world-reknowned artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud will be at the show, courtesy of the folks at Metreon in San Francisco."

and that:

"Advance tickets are available at stores all over the Bay Area and at BASS (with no service charge added). Call 510-464-1120 for more info or go to "