This was announced here a few months ago, but I figured I'd mention it again. Even though the project is nearing completion, we're still looking for more contributors.

Here's the deal. We (a number of creators including myself) are putting together a large (64+ pages) anthology for a small (about $1.50) cover price. The book will serve as a promotional tool for our respective series.

Anybody who wants in is welcome to contact me. Here's how it works.

1) Your work has to be suitable for all ages. (A couple of us involved to books for kids, and we don't want our stories appearing next to inappropriate material)

2) Your material has to be completed or nearly so (we're going to press in a month or so.) (Yes, your material can be previously published)

3) It costs $35 per page to be in the anthology. For every $35, you get 50 copies of the finished book.

The print run will be at LEAST 2000 copies, and 3000 or more if we can get enough people involved.

You can sell your contributors copies to local stores, or at conventions, or wherever you like. (This will allow you to recover the entirety of your cost.)

But the real payoff is in promotion. Your work will be appearing in a nice, easily-affordable anthology. People will buy the book because it's a bargain. If they like your storie, they'll seek out your series.

It's probably the most cost effective advertising you can buy. Readers get to see your actual comic.

Say you buy 4 pages. That's 4 x $35 = $140. You get 200 copies to sell, and your work will appear in thousands of other copies being sold across the continent. Can you really get a better deal for $140?

If you have any questions about the project, feel free to ask by email, or discuss it here.

Marc Fleury
Abdo Entertainment

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