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#279575 - 04/23/99 02:10 AM The COMICS INTERPRETER Online
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Excerpts from the acclaimed zine THE COMICS INTERPRETER can now be found online. Currently available are the essays Why Comics? Why Now??, The Periplus and Words To Be Drawn as well as
an extensive review of Frank Miller's 300 series.

Also included is the award winning short story The Snake Charmer
from The 1998 CURRENT Literary Supplement and the unpublished short story
The Hangers.

Now good reading about everyone's favorite underappreciated medium is just a mouseclick away.

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#279576 - 04/28/99 12:19 AM Re: The COMICS INTERPRETER Online
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Hey I checked out your website. I must say that I'm really surprised that someone who is such a capable critic is an even better fiction writer.
Personally my feeling has always sort of been that those that can't "do" have to "teach" or "critique." But frankly, I was really impressed with The Snake Charmer. What a beautiful story! I liked The Hangers alright too. My only complaint was that there wasn't any NEW stuff from the Comics Interpreter. I had already read those articles in the print issue (although I guess the point was getting it out to some people who didn't order the fisrt issue). Anyway Congrats on the site and the Fiction. Hope to see some more.

PS. When is that second issue of The Interpreter coming out???