“THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA” is going Bi- (monthly that is.)

Black Daze Publishing is pleased to announce that “THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA” will be going bimonthly in “99. Starting this summer with the re-release of “THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA” #1 continuing all the way up to the story-line’s final installment with “THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA” #8.

To celebrate this achievement Black Daze Publishing is resolicitiong “THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA” #1 for shipping in July ‘99. Look for it in May’s FMI “Request-Line”. “THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA” #2 will ship in September.

Creator ,writer and artist, Barry Buchanan had this to say when asked to describe his comic: “ I guess I can start off with my blurb in FMI’s “Request-line”: Someone has murdered stage-station keep, Charlie
Burnette, to deputy-under sheriff, Samuel David it’s one more body and one less bullet, but to the small,old, southwestern town of Utopia, it means big trouble. It is basically a murder mystery set in the old west. When I say I do a western most people think : shoot’em up .Well, I’ve always leaned more towards Chandler, than L’amour and hopefully this book reflects that. The first eight issues (or installments)follow Deputy David and bounty-hunter, Brigham Love, as they search for Charlie’s killer(s). Along the
way I deal with things like (free association style): the mythology of the American west, mythology in general, western clichés, madness, secret societies, revenge, Utopian principles, love, Apache religion,
small town values, dime novels (predecessors of comic books) just to name a few. If Sergio Leone produced the TV series “Twin Peaks” then you’d have “THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA”. Barry goes on to say,”
There a things in “THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA” that fans of Vertigo titles, mysteries, American Best Comics,crime fiction,westerns, “X-files”,historical fiction, “Twin Peaks”, conspiracy theories, or genre twisting ,
will all appreciate.”

Barry finishes this thoughts off with this,” Hopefully my tag line says it all: “The Old West ain’t what it used to be.”

“THE BALLAD OF UTOPIA” is a Western Gothic, 24 page , b/w interiors, 4-color color cover , standard format comic. Cover price is $2.95.

For more information contact Barry Buchanan at Black Daze Publishing, P.O. Box Golconda, IL 62938 email: tralride@shawneelink.com
(Retailers email us your address for a free copy of #1)
To read an online copy of #1 go to www.blackdaze.com

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[This message has been edited by Barry Buchanan (edited 05-07-99).]
WESTERN GOTHIC:The Ballad of Utopia graphic dime novel
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