Volume 2 Issue #6 of Sequential Tart has now been updated. That means our Centre Stage interview, a new Re-Directed Male and the debut of The Geek Squad.

Centre Stage: John Byrne is one of if not the most longstanding and prolific writer/artists in comics today. Name a superhero character, and John has probably drawn them, written them or both. His much-vaunted runs on Uncanny X-Men and Fantastic Four were just the beginning and he had a hand in shaping today’s Marvel Universe before moving to DC and rebooting the Superman titles beginning with the famed Man Of Steel mini-series. Now back at Marvel, John found the time in his punishing schedule to answer a few questions from the Tart about his career past and present.

Geek Squad: Who would have thought? The age of the overmuscled, the suave, and the athletic are gone. It's now the era of the Geeks. Geeks are in. Geeks are cool. And these Geeks take you into the world of digital comics and fun comics web sites each and every month in order to glorify that which we call Geekhood. This month, the Geeks take a look at USER FRIENDLY, a comic strip which started online two years ago and has since seen print in several newspapers across the country.

Redirected Male: In our Superhero issue, Ben Peek explained his feelings about a super-heroic icon in his article 'Why I Hate Superman'. This month, we feature Kurtis Evans' direct response to the article in this alternate view of the role and character of Superman'.

If you haven't visited ST yet, check out #6 for interviews with Steve Darnall, Don Simpson, Diana Tamblyn, Jason Lutes, Mark Waid, Marv Wolfman, Trina Robbins, Ian and Tyson Smith and Jane Smith Fisher.

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Karon Flage, Feature Editor
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Karon Flage
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